Best for Babes “Nursing in Public” Harassment Hotline

Best for Babes ( has initiated a hotline (1-855-NIP-FREE) where moms across the country who have faced NIP (nursing in public) harassment, can call to get support from someone who has walked in their shoes, and suggestions on how they too can harness their energy to help other mothers and babies by strengthening legislation, raising awareness about the rights of the breastfeeding pair, and fixing the problem!

The hotline is the one place to report and the one place to record NIP incidents. Having records of as many incidents as possible, even if the mom chooses not to take action on her own, will be instrumental as proof when big steps, like encouraging companies or legislators to make real changes, are needed. Documenting for the media, moms, companies, legislators exactly how many problems mothers have is something that can put a real face on the problem.

When a Mom calls the hotline (855-NIP-FREE) she will be asked to record a message, and an experienced volunteer Mom, who has faced NIP harassment herself, will help the aggrieved mother understand what their rights are and suggest ways to navigate through the situation. All personal information will be kept private.

To read more about the hotline, go to:

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