ECABS president co-authors book on infant care

Miriam Chickering and Ronda Yoder (president of ECABS) recently released a new book entitled The Gentle Art of Mothering: A Christian Guide to Infant Care. As many of you know, this book has been in the works for the past two years. Initially, they began with a need to write an evidenced-based mothering book from a Biblical framework for Christian moms. The book has grown into much more. It takes a balanced approach that will help you choose the best combination of parenting techniques for your unique family. This book offers a practical, evidence-based framework for parenting that describes a place where God’s love and grace operate freely in family relationships.

They have a Facebook page. The book is available at Amazon and CreateSpace. You can contact Ronda at drryoder”at” with any feedback about the book. You can also follow them on Twitter @GentlyMothering.